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What Is Gutter-Guard
Gutter-guard improves the lifespan of roof gutters by preventing leaves blocking and rusting out gutters. Gutter-guard allows rainwater to pass through while leaves and other debris is blown or washed off by the weather.

No more stump or foundation water damage. Leaves now fall to the ground instead of mulching in the gutters, clogging and causing overflow problems.

Gutter guard  is made of perforated metal, chiefly galvanized perforated metal sheet.
Typical patterns for gutter mesh: checkered perforated metal
Sizes: Vary according to the specific uses.
Uses: Gutter mesh screen is mainly used for gutter shielding or guarding in daily uses and various industrial uses. The products are mainly used as gutter guard against leaves, debris and vermin and prevent the rain spout from blocking. It can reduce the maintenance and improve the rainwater collected.

How Does It Work